TWI is a world leading independent research and technology organisation.  Established in 1946 with headquarters at Granta Park near Cambridge, TWI provides industry with engineering and manufacturing solutions for structures, incorporating joining and associated technologies (surfacing, coating, additive manufacture, cutting, etc.) through information and technology transfer; consultancy and project support; generic research, contract R&D; training, qualification and professional society membership.  It is the only single source of expertise in every aspect of joining technology for engineering materials - metals, plastics, ceramics, composites and electronic assemblies – from materials selection, through manufacture, to in-service performance. It has regional UK offices and research facilities in Middlesbrough, Rotherham, Aberdeen and Port Talbot. There are also offices and training facilities in North America, South East Asia, China, Australia, Central Asia, India and the Middle East. TWI is a non-profit distributing company, limited by guarantee and owned by its Members. It can therefore offer independent advice and is internationally renowned for employing multidisciplinary teams to implement established or advanced joining technology or to solve problems arising at any stage - from initial design, materials selection, production and quality assurance, through to service performance and repair. TWI has around 800 Members worldwide, operating in over 4500 locations dedicated to helping industry apply all forms of joining technology safely and efficiently. Some 1800 companies and organisations – representing virtually all sectors of manufacturing industry from over 70 countries around the globe – benefit from TWI services. TWI also houses a professional institution, The Welding Institute, with a separate membership of 6000 individuals.
Tüpraş is Turkey’s largest industrial enterprise, with a processing capacity of 28.1 mn tons of crude. Tüpraş has four refineries operating in four different cities with 4,500 employees. A majority stake (79,98 %) in shipping company DİTAŞ and 40% share ownership of petrol retailer Opet, creates synergies and adds value to the operations. Tüpraş is the 7th biggest refining company in Europe. Tupras controls all of Turkey’s refining capacity. Tüpraş owns 59% of the total petroleum products storage capacity in Turkey, composing of 1.7 million tons of crude oil, 1.3 million tons of white product and 0.9 million tons of black product. Tüpraş is a certified R&D center in line with Turkish Law “Supporting Research and Development Activities”. The R&D center is evaluated and monitored by the Ministry of Industry.
At Innora we solve hard problems. We are a world-class team of electrical, mechanical, and software engineers with deep expertise in mechanical design and control, in data-driven intelligence, and in embedded systems. We design and engineer robotic solutions and our machines can sense, act, and adapt to demanding environments. We collaborate with our clients’ team, we ideate, we prototype and if need be we solicit funding from public or private sources.
Hortec specializes in the development and assembly of safety critical electronic devices for the aeronautic, medical, military and automotive sectors. Its services cover project management, feasibility studies, product development, software development for embedded systems, design of printed circuit boards, advice and implementation in the field of standards and certifications. As an AS9100-EN certified organization, Hortec is able to cope with the highest of demands, either on quality or on functional demands. Together with its wide range of customers, Hortec has developed multiple successful products in a great variety of markets.
Brunel University London has been highly successful in creating an industrial innovation research resource, named Brunel Innovation Centre (BIC), which sits between the knowledge base and industry, supporting partners in industry to transfer academic research into industrial application. Brunel has a wide range of knowledge and expertise in the following research areas: (i) Power ultrasonics; detection, cleaning of fouling and fouling prevention techniques non-invasively software (ii) Smart NDT; autonomous devices, miniaturised multifunction systems for NDE in bespoke environments; marine, high temperature, aerospace, pattern recognition hardware / software, (iii)Active SHM and Condition Monitoring (iv) Design of associated hardware and software (v) Signal and image processing and numerical modelling - Noise reduction, signal condition and control (including active vibration control), data interpretation and analysis, (vi) Automation and robotics of inspection system, (vii) Improved or new and robust sensors (Piezoelectric, Electromagnetic) e.g. high temperature inspection, transduction (viii) Electronics - Low power consumption for multiple channels, wireless, high speed, wideband, fast bps, energy harvesting.